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Mail-in Service – Our COVID-19 Response

We still guarantee highest payouts. As Brisbane’s highest paying and longest serving Gold Brokers, our response to COVID-19, remains with highest payouts around, and exceptional customer service. We have dedicated our resources to servicing the Mail-in Gold Service. You can mail-in your gold simply and easily, capture the LIVE GOLD price, and expect a lighting fast turn around so that you get paid FAST.

Mail in gold service

Filling in the form

Our 100% secure and safe form not only gets the live gold price, but it records it for estimation of your gold items. To be able to buy gold from you, we’ll need a little information. See below the information we need to Buy your Gold, and Pay You upon agreement.

  • ID (Uploadable image), name, address and mobile number
  • Bank Details (for payouts)
  • Estimated weight and purity (carat) value of Gold item/s
  • That’s It. Paid within 24 Hours.

Safety and security of your Gold

When gold is mailed through, we advise to use Australia Post, and to invest in registered, signed for postal options. This will ensure that your gold is treated with greatest consideration, and is also insured by the postal office. If gold is returned to you for any reason, we adhere to these conditions of dispatch, as we enforce safety for security items, and return your gold to recieved physical condition, and of high emotional importance to the sellers (you our customers). We however, do not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen gold items in transit.

Terms and conditions

Please note, that the accurate purity and weight of gold items may be different from specified and could be higher or lower. We will value gold based on provided information, and through the latest XRF scanning technology and decimal scales to ensure you’re getting paid 100% accurately.

We value against the locked-in gold price as recorded at the time of your submission. We will honour this, as long as gold items are mailed (verified by the post office stamp), on the same day that the form is filled out and submitted.

For any questions or enquiries, please call or leave us a message on 1300 88 79 02 at any time.

Getting cash for your unwanted
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Mail-in your Gold
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Get Paid
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Mail in gold service

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